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Catering Menu

Pick up service only


Twinings of London 

English Breakfast | Earl Grey

50 bag minimum | 12


Tea Sandwiches

40/dozen | 1 dozen minimum per selection

Garden Cucumber | Cream cheese, dill, mint, chives, lemon zest

Chicken Salad Croissant | Tarragon, sweet onion, golden raisins 

Prosciutto and Fig | Goat cheese, honey, ginger, pear

Turkey | Mixed berry jam, brie 

Smoked Salmon | Cream cheese & chive mousse

Strawberry Ribbon | Blackberry & basil sweet cream (seasonal)

Vegan Cucumber | Vegan lemon butter, chives

Vegan AB&J | Almond butter & mixed berry jam


36/dozen | 1 dozen minimum per selection

Cranberry Orange

Cheddar Chive



48/dozen | 1 dozen minimum per selection

Macaron (seasonal flavors) 

Cupcake (seasonal flavors) 

Dark Chocolate Cookie Dough Truffle 

Vegan Mixed Berry Oat Bars


Accompaniments | 8/container (8oz)

Clotted Cream

Mixed Berry Jam


$200 minimum order

Plus tax and 10% service fee 

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